60 Quick 'n' Easy Seasonal Crafts Craft Book

Very well illustrated book. These are quality books made in America, not cheap imported ones! Your satisfaction is guaranteed or money back! Discover the best ideas and instructions to make your dream project a reality! This is a very giftable item. Create unique projects using unexpected supplies! Here are more than 60 designs for autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Covering a gamut of skills painting, woodburning, crochet, beading, stamping, plastic canvas, cross stitch, and general crafts what makes these projects unique is that many are assembled with common household items such as plungers, air filters, funnels, and more. So venture with us beyond the craft department of your local store to discover a whole new world of fun and easy creative possibilities. Projects include lamps, pictures, frames, clocks, candles, wall and door decor, wreaths, magnets, vases, tissue boxes, towels, decorative accents, planters, plates, costumes, pillows, trays, table runners, flowerpots

  • Made in USA.
  • 60 Quick 'n' Easy Seasonal Crafts

  • Type: Craft Books

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