iCrochet:Hot Crochet Edged Fashions Craft Book

Very well illustrated book. These are quality books made in America, not cheap imported ones! Your satisfaction is guaranteed or money back! Discover the best ideas and instructions to make your dream project a reality! This is a very giftable ite iCrochet: Hot Crochet Edged Fashions Author: Sandra Graham Case Pages: 40 Take your wardrobe from dull to dangerous with the first issue in our iCrochet series. It's all about how to turn heads with the clothes you have now. Just crochet one of these 15 edgy little edgings in a color you crave and make that oddball wardrobe piece the hottest thing on a hanger! Additional featurettes, tips, ideas, and inspiration include istyle (Wardrobe busters: One fabulous piece Four unique looks); icare (Its your world learn how to change it); iread (Book and leaflet reviews of the hottest titles), and iwonder (Get an insiders take on the artistic, the crafty, and the vogue).

  • Made in USA.
  • iCrochet: Hot Crochet Edged Fashions

  • Type: Craft Books

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