Dashing Dogwear Craft Book

Discover the best ideas and instructions to make your dream project a reality! This is a very giftable item. If you are looking to dress up your precious pup for a brisk walk around the town, this collection of stylish knitted winter sweaters is exactly what you need. Protect your pooch from the perils of winter with the Fuzzy Fashion Scarf & Booties, or let her strut her stuff while wearing the Hound's Check Coat in a brilliant red worsted yarn. This collection of seven designs (five sweaters, a scarf, and booties) is a great addition to any fashionable dog's wardrobe.

  • Author: House of White Birches
  • Pages: 16 
  • One Book: Dashing Dogwear

  • Type: Craft Books

    SKU: 61ST-1-8-A04-03

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