NCAA North Carolina Tar Heels MVP Comforter

  • Genuine licensed merchandise. Machine washable.
  • Comforter is high quality microsuede-jersey with a screen-printed logo.
  • Bedding items are made to fit standard sized mattresses.
  • Comforter - Includes one standard comforter.
  • Comforter Washing Instructions: Only wash in a High Capacity front-loading washing machine using the gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Do not wash on a heavy cycle, in a washing machine with an agitator, or dry with high heat. A washer with an agitator will damage the comforter. High heat will cause the polyester jersey material and/or logo to melt.

    Category: NCAA, North Carolina Tarheels, SPCO

    Type: Comforters

    SKU: 10TW-M-6-Z43-02

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