Superman-White (2X Single Rolls) Wallpaper Double Rolls

Large 33 feet X 20.5 inch (56 sq. ft.) licensed & prepasted.This mural is made with quality material!Create that unique accent for your room in minutes! This amazing mural is made with superior prepasted material, a revolutionary fiber that is stronger, easier to install and remove than any other wallpaper. Just roll it out and apply to wall. It does not shrink and therefore does not create any unsightly seams. Later when you want to remove it, simply pick the corners and pull off the wall. It comes off in seconds and in full strips!

  • Genuine licensed merchandise
  • The world's easiest prepasted wallpaper.
  • Uses superior revolutionary technology for easy installation and removal
  • 33 feet X 20.5 inch (56 sq. ft.) wall art mural in 1 or more panels. Includes complete installation instructions.

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